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Dr.Muthus Hospitals work round the clock to offer the best treatment for brain stroke. A brain stroke happens when there is a blockage of blood vessels that start bleeding. This either reduces or interrupts the bloody supply to the brain. If this occurs, then the brain does not get proper oxygen or nutrients due to which brain cells begin to die.

The stroke impacts the blood vessels that provide oxygen to the brain. If the brain is unable to receive ample nutrients or oxygen, then the damage may begin to happen. It is true that brain strokes are treatable but if not treated on time then these can result in death or permanent disability. Let’s learn more about brain strokes with the help of Dr.Muthus Hospitals:-

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Types of brain strokes treated by our specialists

Brain strokes happen when blood clots form in the brain, leading to brain hemorrhage. This may also damage brain tissues and result in disabilities and physical imbalances. We as the best hospital for brain aneurysm surgery in Coimbatore offer the best medical help for the following brain strokes:-

Ischemic stroke :- Brain ischemia or ischemic stroke accounts for around 80% of all stroke attacks. This is caused by blood clots in the brain as the blood supply has been hindered and brain tissues of a specific area are damaged. The main reason for ischemic stroke is fatty acid deposits that are called atherosclerosis. The deposits are of two types:

Hemorrhagic stroke :- Around 15% of all the cases of strokes are hemorrhagic stroke. The main cause of this stroke is weakened vessels that lead to enhanced bleeding in the brain. Further, there is blood accumulation and brain tissues start damaging. Hemorrhagic stroke is of two types:-

The reason behind most of the hemorrhage is arteriovenous malformation. This is an abnormal blood clot formation that causes bleeding in the brain.

Cryptogenic stroke :- This stroke is a stroke that is caused by unknown factors that are hard to be determined. However, the cause of all of such strokes is usually due to brain clot formation. For this, our specialists may also recommend acute diagnosis to fight against the health risk timely.

Transient ischemic attack (TIA) :- TIA i.e. transient ischemic attack is called a TIA mini-stroke. This is a condition when the temporary blockage is there in brain blood flow. Some people ignore it at the initial level as it is known for not causing permanent damage but we do not advise such an act. If blood clots have started forming, then this is an indication of a transient ischemic attack. We advise patients to get it diagnosed as well as treated at the initial level. They should not miss an opportunity to prevent it timely.

Silent Brain Stroke or Silent Cerebral Infarction :- This stroke is caused by blood clot formation and blocks the blood flow to the brain. This may be responsible for silent brain stroke even without your awareness. The high-risk factor associated with it is that it might lead to a further case of brain damage. The prime silent brain stroke causes are:

When the patient comes to us, we also suggest a few preventions along with diagnosis and treatments, including:

  • Regular exercising
  • Moderate weight management
  • Follow a healthy diet chart
  • Stay away from alcohol or tobacco
  • Diet should comprise plenty of vegetables, seeds, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and fruits.
  • A few other measures suggested by us:
  • Diabetes management
  • Control on blood pressure
  • Regular treatment for heart disease
  • Diagnosis conducted by Dr.Muthus Hospitals experts

First, our doctors conduct a physical examination and enquire about the patient’s symptoms and his medical history. We check reflexes, strength, coordination, vision, and sensation. Our doctors check blood vessels at the back of the eyes, blood pressure, and listen to carotid arteries of the neck.

Our doctors also conduct blood examinations to determine whether there is a high risk of blood clots or bleeding. Levels of specific substances in the blood are measured, including clotting factors and infection. Multiple X-rays in the form of CT scans are done to know the condition of tumors, strokes, and hemorrhages in the brain. MRI scan is also done to create brain images for detecting damaged brain tissues.

Our treatment approach for brain stroke

The prime approach that we embrace to treat brain stroke is to act as fast as possible. Ischemic stroke is treated the best when it is treated within the six hours of cerebral attack onset.

Dr.Muthus Hospitals is the best Hospital for Brain Stroke Treatment in Coimbatore. It provides the following treatment options, such as:

Rehabilitation is an aspect of stroke care as most stroke patients require rehabilitation after the stroke. It also depends on the area of brain stroke and the number of tissues damaged. Our therapies include occupational therapy, physiotherapy, dysphagia therapy, cognitive therapy, speech therapy, recreational therapy, continent advisor, etc.

Our rehabilitation and physiotherapy staff and doctors as the best Hospital for Brain Stroke Treatment in Coimbatore specialize not only in treating strokes but they also help them regain their confidence. For the best treatment, we are equipped with the advanced technologies such as stereotaxy, neuronavigation system, intraoperative CT, microscopic surgery, etc. Our prime aim is to provide proper medical help and care with utmost attention by resisting a brain stroke in the future. So, are you seeking the best medical care to manage your brain stroke, then approach Dr.Muthus Hospitals for the best services and treatment. 


The fastest recovery is reported during the first 3-4 months after the stroke. However, it varies as a few patients take around a year or more after a stroke. It also depends on the severity of the stroke from person to person and how their individual will power to fight against the issue. To make the recovery go faster, contact the best Hospital for Brain Stroke Treatment in Coimbatore.

The terms right brain stroke and left brain stroke are used to refer to a brain side where the stroke happens. There is not any better or worse side of the stroke as it may be triggered on either side. The severity of the stroke decides the effects after the stroke. In any case, it is imperative to choose the best Hospital for Brain Stroke Treatment in Coimbatore.

Hemorrhagic stroke is considered extremely dangerous as it may lead to further complications after the blood clotting such as increased intracranial pressure, hydrocephalus, and blood vessel spasms. If this condition is not treated on time, then it may also result in total brain damage or death also. Therefore, the best Hospital for Brain Stroke Treatment in Coimbatore should only be chosen in such cases.

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