Cognitive Disorder Treatment


Cognitive Disorder Treatment in Coimbatore 

Cognitive disorders are issues that start impacting a patient’s mind. While stress can elevate the issue, it is a serious problem where the patients can even sometimes find it difficult to recall particular names and words. The condition can also impact mental performance and lead to cognitive impairment. If you are feeling such changes, our cognitive disorder specialists opt for the following methods to tackle the situation.

Types of cognitive disorders at Dr.Muthus Hospitals

Cognitive disorders are defined as a part of neurocognitive disorder classification. We define them as any disorder that may specifically impair the cognitive function of a patient to the point when normal functionality in society is said to be impossible without treatment intervention. The most common cognitive disorders are;

It has to be noted here that Alzheimer disease is one of the most known cognitive disorders.

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How do our experts explore the signs of cognitive disorders?

Cognitive disorders come with different symptoms according to the condition. However, some of the most common symptoms and signs include:-

Some cognitive disorders have set stages where they increase in severity with the progress of the disease. For instance, Alzheimer disease commences with a patient showcasing minor symptoms of forgetfulness. The patient may report forgetting days and dates. Even some patients may forget what they actually did recently. At an early stage, these symptoms start with normal errors and then worsen as they progress. Some patients start living in a confused state.

Our specialists explore cognitive problems symptoms

Cognitive problems are highlighted in a number of ways along with emotional imbalance that is considered as the most common symptom. Cognitive impairment might be frustrating and the patients who are suffering can even have emotional outbursts and might find it difficult to cope without the support of family and friends. Some patients also attempt to isolate themselves from others which only makes this issue worse. Here, our healthcare providers come in the rescue with the best possible therapies, treatments, and medications.

Physical symptoms

Outward symptoms are also quite visible in a few patients. The affected patients might come with a confused and dazed look. Motor coordination is affected in both psychological and neurological disorders. So, apart from this, we also trace a patient with unusual mannerisms or he may have a lack of normal posture and balance.

Further, the patient may also have both long and short-term cognitive instability. Short-term effects include confusion state, memory loss, and coordination absence. Long-term effects comprise increase declarative memory loss like forgetting faces, names, and general emotional and mental stability control.

Self-assessment suggested by Dr.Muthus Hospitals

Different cognitive and memory function tests exist online believe that it is also crucial for a patient to understand that the test may provide a general idea that is marked as per the symptoms of a patient with cognitive disorders. First, we recommend some self-tests for a patient and once we mark all the things shared by him, we move ahead with essential tests that can offer an official diagnosis and Cognitive disorder treatment in Coimbatore. After this process, we start the treatment plan.

Drug or medication options for cognitive problems

We have varied options as a medication plan to deal with cognitive disorders. Although not all cognitive disorders have a permanent cure, we offer solutions that can help the patients. This includes a combination of drugs and some lifestyle changes to improve the quality of their life. Plus, our supplements and medicines are helpful in reducing loss of memory and improving cognitive functions. This helps the patients with anxiety and depression that usually lead to cognitive impairment. We use antidepressants and medicines that stop the further loss of memory. These types of drugs may make it possible for a patient to extend his awareness that has been affected due to cognitive disorders.

Cognitive dysfunction may turn a person feeling hopeless and it may lead to unfortunate sources with the efforts to regain control of the mental state. We ban a few substances completely such as illegal narcotics and drugs. Stimulants are also considered abusive drugs for people who are already dealing with cognitive issues. We warn the patients to stay away from such things as these may impair mental sharpness and routine mental processes. Further, we plan their medications in a way that they must not be dependent on the medications.

We start the drugs in an appropriate amount and go for withdrawing them accordingly. Thus, this is a progressive journey where we support each other to attain a goal of getting from the shackles of cognitive disorders.

Getting help from Dr.Muthus Hospitals for cognitive disorders

If you are looking for cognitive disorder treatment in Coimbatore for you and your loved ones, then the Dr.Muthus Hospitals team is always ready to help you with a team of the best specialists. Even if they want to get information on co-morbidity with abusive substances and cognitive issues, our experts’ team is always ready to help. Remember it is never too late to get help from our specialists. You can feel free to contact our team; we are always available and provide an immediate response to your queries.


Mood, anxiety, and psychotic disorders may also have an effect on cognitive memory functions. The DSM-IV-ITR does not count these as cognitive issues as cognitive function loss is not considered the primary cause. Thus, these do not fall under brain cognitive functions. If you get diagnosed with a cognitive disorder, get help from professionals for an effective Cognitive Disorder Treatment in Coimbatore

 A person with cognitive impairment is recommended to do daily physical activities, a proper healthy diet, and social activities. They can refer to a caregiver or a person who can help them with good care. To know more about Cognitive Disorder Treatment in Coimbatore thoroughly, contact the doctors at Dr.Muthus Hospitals.

The most regularly observed potential reversible conditions that are identified in patients with cognitive disorders are drug adverse effects, depression, alcohol abuse, metabolic conditions, and more. For reversing these conditions, both counselling and medications are offered to a patient as a part of Cognitive Disorder Treatment in Coimbatore.

There is not a single factor responsible for cognitive disorders. The risk of its development increases in people of older age, diabetes patients, strokes, depression, and more. One must initiate a Cognitive Disorder Treatment in Coimbatore if diagnosed.

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