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Endocrinology is the branch of Medicine deals with Endocrine glands and Hormones.

Endocrine system consists of several glands which includes pituitary glands, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenal, gonads that produce hormones that are necessary for physical well-being on day today basis and can be lifesaving during medical emergencies.

This department handles the diabetic management of In-patient diabetic patients planned for surgery and post-surgery, Diabetic Foot management, evaluation & treatment of osteoporosis, Evaluation of Metabolic bone diseases, Treatment of Thyroid diseases Electrolyte Imbalance & so on.

We do a comprehensive evaluation of diabetes mainly focusing on the aspect of preventing Diabetic complications in our outpatient department. Along with the plastic surgery department and the podiatry Team we manage the dedicated Diabetic Foot clinic. It’s a one stop solution for all diabetic Foot problems.

The Department run osteoporosis clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art DEXA scan. It is one of the largest dedicated osteoporosis clinics in the city focusing on Fracture liaison service and preventive aspect of osteoporosis

Managing diabetics during Surgery is an Important factor that prevents infection in the Postoperative settings. Endocrine department takes care of Diabetes Management during surgery to regulate blood sugar levels in the normal range on day-to-day basis.

The Department also takes care metabolic bone disease, Electrolyte disturbances such as sodium and calcium disorders and Thyroid disorders, pregnancy related diabetes and thyroid problems.

The department is equipped with diabetic educators to explain about administration of insulin, home blood sugar monitoring and hypoglycemia management.

Along with our Dieticians we also provide dietary advice for diabetic and osteoporosis patients

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