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Doppler Test in Coimbatore

A Doppler ultrasound is an imaging test performed to see the flow of blood through blood vessels using high-frequency sound waves. It is a safe, painless, and noninvasive test. It is similar to normal ultrasound because both use sound waves to create images. The only difference is that the normal ultrasound can only be used to see the images of the organs and it cannot be used to show the images of blood flow.

What is the purpose of a Doppler test?

Dopplers are used by doctors to find out if there is any condition that is reducing or blocking the flow of blood in your body. It is used for diagnosing heart diseases. It is also useful for checking the functioning of the heart. It helps to look for any blockages in the blood flow in the legs thus causing deep vein thrombosis.

It also helps in determining the narrowing of the blood vessels. Narrowing of arteries in the legs means that you are suffering from a condition called peripheral arterial disease and if there is a narrowing of arteries of the neck it means that you have a condition called carotid artery disease.

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Types of Doppler tests

There are different types of Doppler tests and they include:

Color Doppler : In this type of Doppler test, a computer is used for changing sound waves into different colors. The colors help to show the direction and speed of blood flow in the body.

Power Doppler :  It is the latest type of Doppler test. It helps to get more details about the blood flow in the body than the standard Doppler test. But, the drawback of using this Doppler is that it does not show the direction of blood flow which may be an important requirement in some cases.

Spectral Doppler :  In this type of Doppler test, the flow of blood can be seen on a graph as compared to the color pictures. This is used to see the blockage in a blood vessel.

Duplex Doppler : In this type of Doppler test, normal ultrasound is used to take images of blood vessels and other organs. Then, the images are converted into graphs using a computer.

continuous -wave Doppler : In this type of Doppler test, continuous sound waves are sent and received. It helps in better measurement of blood flow at a fast speed.

How is a Doppler ultrasound performed?

Before the test

Before the test, you have to prepare in the following way:

  • You will be asked to avoid smoking at least two hours before the test. Nicotine present in cigarettes will cause a narrowing of the blood vessels that can affect the results of the test.

  • You should wear any metal objects or jewelry, especially in the area where you are getting tested.

  • For some Doppler tests, you may be asked not to eat or drink for many hours before the test.

  • The doctor will give you any other instructions based on your specific health problems.

During the test

The doppler test in Coimbatore is done in the following way:

  • It is a painless, non-invasive, and simple procedure and can be done in the doctor’s clinic or the radiology department of a hospital.

  • You will lie down on a table and will be asked to expose the area of your body that has to be tested. A doctor will spread a gel on the skin over the area that has to be tested.

  • The nurse may tie cuffs on different parts of your body such as arms and legs to measure your blood pressure while doing the test.

  • Now, the doctor will move a wand-like device which is called a transducer over the area of your body. The device will send sound waves into your body.

  • The movement of blood cells in your body will produce a change in the pitch of the sound waves. You can hear swishing sounds during the test.

  • The sound waves are recorded and images or graphs are formed on a monitor.

After the test

  • After the test is finished, the doctor or the available nurse will wipe off the gel from your body.

  • It will take about half an hour to one hour for the test to get completed.

  • You can go back home after the test and resume your normal activities. You can drive home and there is no need to bring anyone along with you to drive you back home after the test.


If the results of the Doppler ultrasound are normal, it indicates that you do not have a blockage or clot or aneurysm (a balloon-like swelling in the arteries) in an artery, the blood flow is normal, and there is no narrowing of the blood vessels.

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The doctor will recommend a doppler test in Coimbatore if you have symptoms that indicate a blockage or reduced blood flow in your blood vessels. Symptoms may differ from one medical problem to the other medical problem. Some common symptoms of diseases that occur due to reduced blood flow include:

  • Cramps in the leg muscles when walking
  • Numbness of legs and feet
  • Feet remain cold
  • Change in the color of the skin of your legs

If there is any heart-related problem, you can experience the following symptoms:

  • Swelling in the legs and feet
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Fatigue

Your doctor can also recommend a Doppler ultrasound if you had suffered a stroke, or an injury to the blood vessels, taking treatment for a vascular disorder (problems associated with blood flow), are pregnant and your doctor wants to know that there is no problem with the blood flow to your unborn child.

You will visit the outpatient department at the scheduled time. The nurse will take you to the ultrasound room and prepare for the Doppler test. It will take about half an hour to one hour to complete the test. Thus, you must spare about 2 hours for the test.

The Doppler test in Coimbatore is a safe and simple test. There are no risks associated with the test as it is non-invasive and uses sound waves to create images. This test is safe even for pregnant women.

There are no specific instructions or precautions to follow before the doppler test in Coimbatore. You have to wear loose clothes for the test. You have to remove any metal objects or jewelry from the area of the body that has to be tested. If you smoke, you have to avoid smoking a few hours before the test as the nicotine can affect the results of the test.

Yes, the Doppler test is considered to be safe for pregnant women and their unborn babies. The test is recommended by doctors for pregnant women if they suspect that there is some obstruction in the blood flow to the unborn baby.

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