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Epilepsy Surgery in Coimbatore

Epilepsy surgery is a procedure to remove an area of the brain producing seizure. This surgery is performed when the seizures occur in a particular area or single location of the brain. Epilepsy surgery is suggested when two anti-epileptic medications have failed to cure the seizures in the brain. This surgery aims to treat brain seizures without affecting the functions of the brain. Before the epileptic surgery, various surgical tests are suggested to check whether the person is eligible for this surgery.

Classification Of Epilepsy Surgery

Epileptic seizures occur due to the abnormal activity of the neurons present in the brain. There are different types of epileptic surgery. The type of Epilepsy Surgery in Coimbatore depends on the following factors:

Types of epileptic surgery

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Eligibility For Epilepsy Surgery

Epilepsy Surgery in Coimbatore is an option when the medications are not able to control the seizures. The surgery is applicable for those people who have:

Surgical Tests For Epilepsy Surgery

A medical team conducts various surgical tests to find whether the person needs epilepsy surgery or not, to determine the seizure affected area of the brain and to understand the functions of the brain.

Tests for finding the surgical area

Tests for finding the nature of the abnormal activity and localizing the source of seizure

Tests for understanding the functions of the brain

Complications In Epilepsy Surgery

Each surgery has some risks. The risks in epilepsy surgery depend on the type of surgery and surgical site. Following are some complications in this surgery:

  • Blood clot
  • Infections
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Headache
  • Stroke
  • Reactions to anaesthesia
  • Language and memory problems
  • Impaired vision
  • Mood swings or depression
  • One-sided paralysis
  • Procedure Of Epilepsy Surgery

Oxygen levels, heart rate and blood pressure of the patient are monitored throughout the surgery. An EEG monitor is used to record the brain waves during the operation to localize the seizure affected part of the brain.

The patient is given anaesthesia so he may remain unconscious during the operation. In some cases, the patient is awakening so that surgeons determine the part of the brain which controls movement and language. In these cases, patients are given some medicines to bear the pain.

Depending upon the type of surgery, the surgeons make a small window or hole in the skull. After the completion of the surgery, the bone window is replaced and the remaining skull is sealed for healing.

After the surgery

When the surgery gets completed, the patient is shifted to ICU (intensive care unit) where he is examined by the doctors. The hospital stay for epilepsy surgery is about 3 to 4 days.

When the patient is awakened, his head will be painful and swollen. They are given narcotics as painkillers. The ice bag is also helpful in reducing the pain. Most of the swelling and pain resolves within a few weeks.

The patients are advised to take complete bed rest for some weeks after the surgery and gradually increase their daily physical activities.

Outcomes Of Epilepsy Surgery

The result of epilepsy surgery depends on the type of surgery. The most expected and common outcome is successful surgery (seizure control) with anti-epileptic drugs.

If the patient does not have a seizure for at least one year then, the doctor considers discontinuing the medications. If they feel seizure after taking off the medications then, their seizure control is resumed through anti-seizure drugs.

How can Dr.Muthus Hospitals help?

At Dr.Muthus Hospitals, we provide best epilepsy surgery in Coimbatore with comprehensive care and personalized treatment for epilepsy. Our experienced multidisciplinary team provides proper assistance during the patient’s recovery period. Our advanced minimally invasive procedures can help people improve their quality of life


Seizures can last from a few seconds to minutes. It depends on the type of seizure a patient is suffering from. To curb the episodes of seizures, contact the Dr.Muthus Hospitals to schedule an epilepsy surgery in Coimbatore.

Not always. Seizures can also occur due to other medical problems like low blood sugar, high fever or alcohol withdrawal. If diagnosed, contact the specialists at Dr.Muthus Hospitals to understand their take on epilepsy surgery in Coimbatore.

  • Prevent brain injuries.
  • Decrease the chances of heart disease and stroke.
  • Get vaccinations on time.

If nothing works out, you may need to get epilepsy surgery in Coimbatore at Dr.Muthus Hospitals.

Most epilepsy patients live full life. However, the risk of early death is higher in special cases. The epilepsy surgery in Coimbatore may work, however, how long it would affect the individual can only be shared by the doctor.

Exercise is barely a ‘trigger’ for seizures. Therefore, epilepsy patients can play sports but should avoid injuries. However, consult your doctor for more information. 

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