General Surgery

General Surgery


The Department of General Surgery at the Dr.Muthus Hospitals offers surgical interventions for all types of complicated health problems. We have a team of highly experienced senior surgeons that aim to offer the best surgical option. Our doctors and staff of the Dr.Muthus Hospitals try to make the surgical experience easier and stress-free.

Common surgeries performed at our hospitals include removal of the gallbladder, appendectomy, thyroidectomies, colonoscopies, hernia and bariatric surgeries, etc. Our department also offers the best care and management of the patients after surgical procedures to prevent complications.

Dr.Muthus Hospitals is among the best general surgery hospital in Coimbatore, known to provide laparoscopic surgeries or minimally invasive surgical techniques to reduce the discomfort of the patients. Our surgeons use advanced techniques that help in the speedy recovery of the patients. The surgical procedures done by our team at Dr.Muthus Hospitals involve the minimum amount of tissue damage, minimum blood loss, and less risk of infection. Our team has expertise in providing complete care and safety to the patients by using the latest diagnostic and surgical techniques.

Our general surgery department in hospital collaborates with the other departments and other specialists to do complex surgeries. Our surgeons at the Dr.Muthus Hospitals are well trained and highly experienced from India and abroad. We give the best outcomes and are supported by resident doctors and other staff members to take care of the patients in the hospital. Our one general surgeon is always available throughout the day and night to provide any surgical emergency in the hospital. The General Surgery Department of our hospital can handle all kinds of surgical emergencies. Dr.Muthus Hospitals provides a multidisciplinary approach for taking care of every patient.

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