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Insomnia Treatment In Coimbatore

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that makes it difficult for a person to fall asleep, stay asleep, or cause you to wake up too early and be unable to sleep again. One can feel exhaustion despite a night’s sleep. Insomnia can deplete your energy, and affect your health, work performance, and overall quality of life.

Causes of insomnia

We all have different sleeping patterns. A healthy individual requires 7 to 8 hours of sleep. People can have acute insomnia. This can be due to certain lifestyle changes or medications. The condition can be treated easily with the help of medical professionals.

If your insomnia does not away for months; it is probably due to chronic disorders. It can be due to stress or stress-related life situations. Many medicines, alcohol abuse and smoking are the leading causes of insomnia.

Although there are many conditions responsible for insomnia, it is yet treatable. Simple alterations to your everyday routine can be beneficial. The proper guidance from the medical health experts at Dr.Muthus Hospitals in India can change your lifestyle.

Symptoms of Insomnia

The following symptoms are listed by doctors to tell whether or not you’re having insomnia. These symptoms, if reoccurring, should not be ignored:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Wake up often during the night
  • Wake up too early
  • Feel restless despite a night’s sleep
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Irritation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Cannot pay attention
  • Cannot focus on work
  • Cannot remember things
  • Accidents
  • Worries before sleep and stress
  • Diagnosis

Dr.Muthus Hospitals conduct a proper diagnosis before giving the treatment to the patients. Diagnosis is done with a proper code of conduct and functioning and the team at Dr.Muthus Hospitals aims to give the best to the patients. They follow a series of steps-

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Many people can get peaceful sleep by changing their sleeping habits and addressing the concerns that can cause insomnia, such as stress, medical ailments, or drugs. If these methods don’t work, our medical professional may suggest cognitive behavioural therapy, medicines, or a combination. This may help you in sleeping. Doctors can recommend any treatment based on your comfort, behaviour and severity.

Cognitive behavioral therapy


Sleeping pills on a prescription can help you get asleep, remain asleep, or do both. Doctors don’t advocate taking sleeping pills for more than a week, but there are a few drugs that have been approved.

With the proper tests and examinations, our doctors may prescribe you the needed medication. It is done to have no side effects from drugs and medications. If you still feel certain abnormalities, consult our medical professionals. Dr.Muthus Hospitals would be happy to assist you.

Get Assistive Care from the Best Doctors in India

We work on standard and globally recognized treatments. Our main aim is to serve the patients with the best diagnosis and treatments. Insomnia can be tricky. if you have a chronic issue or an acute illness, there are certain lifestyle changes and medications that can get you over it. The medical professionals at Dr.Muthus Hospitals provide insomnia treatment In Coimbatore with experts in areas of polysomnography, delayed sleep phase syndrome, REM theories, and much more.


Insomnia treatment can be done with various home remedies. You can take the following precautions as suggested by experts at Dr.Muthus Hospitals:

  • You can stick to a bedtime schedule
  • Stay active.
  • Keep a track of your medicines.
  • Limit the nap time
  • Limit caffeine, alcohol or nicotine.
  • Consult a doctor if you are suffering from any pain.
  • Avoid large meals.

There are a lot of common causes of chronic insomnia:

  • Stress
  • Travel
  • Hectic work schedule
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Eating late in the evening
  • Mental disorders
  • Medicines
  • Medical conditions
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol

Once in a blue moon, we all experience sleepless nights. Although insomnia can’t be due to one night you’re at risk for insomnia if you are:

  • Woman
  • Over the age of 60
  • suffering from any mental disorder
  • Physical health degradation
  • Stress
  • No fixed routine

All these risk factors can be reduced by having the treatment of insomnia in Coimbatore.

 There are a lot of complications related to insomnia. It can lead to the following-

  • Poor performance in job or school
  • Lack of concentration, which can lead to accidents
  • Mental disorders like anxiety, depression or substance abuse.
  • High blood pressure or heart-related disorders can be encountered due to increased risk.

In Dr.Muthus Hospitals, treatment of Insomnia in Coimbatore is being done with the help of experts to get get rid of this health condition.

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