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Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery In Coimbatore

Minimally invasive heart surgery entails making small incisions in the right side of the chest between the ribs rather than cutting through the breastbone as in open-heart surgery to reach the heart. It can be complicated and requires professional assistance from the best cardiologists. You can trust Dr.Muthus Hospitals for the same. Various cardiac problems can be treated using minimally invasive heart surgery. For many people, this type of surgery can result in less pain and a faster recovery than open-heart surgery.

Risks For Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery at Dr.Muthus Hospitals

There are a lot of complicated heart problems that can be sorted with the help of minimally invasive cardiac surgery at Dr.Muthus Hospitals. Although the procedure is beneficial for many, it still requires preliminary tests and examinations.  Minimally invasive procedures can be performed for;

The following are the benefits you can avail of after minimally invasive cardiac surgery at Dr.Muthus Hospitals-

Treatment and diagnosis


Not everyone’s health is suitable for minimally invasive heart surgery. Our doctors and treatment team at Dr.Muthus Hospitals may work with you to see if it’s a viable therapy for you.

Our doctors may evaluate your medical history and run tests to learn more about your heart health to assess whether minimally invasive heart surgery is the best option for you. These are also known as preliminary tests for the heart.

Minimally invasive heart surgery is a difficult technique that necessitates professional training and experience. You may be directed to a medical institution that has surgeons and a surgical team with the necessary skills in minimally invasive procedures but can have a bad experience. Dr.Muthus Hospitals have doctors working towards heart issues for decades.


Our doctors and treatment team at Dr.Muthus Hospitals will explain what to expect before, during, and after minimally invasive heart surgery, as well as the potential hazards involved.

  • Concerns you have regarding your surgery may be discussed with you thoroughly before the operation.

  • Before your surgery, the doctor or another member of your treatment team may share advance directives or other information with you.

  • In body areas where the treatment may take place, you may need to shave your hair. To lessen the chance of infection, your skin may be cleansed with a specific antiseptic soap.

  • Before you go to the hospital for the operation, talk to your family about how long you'll be there and what kind of care you'll need when you get home.

  • When you return home, the doctor and treatment team at Dr.Muthus Hospitals may give you guidelines to follow during your rehabilitation.

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Treatment of minimally invasive cardiac surgery

Every procedure has its own set of risks and concerns, and so does the valve-sparing operation. These may be exclusive if not carried by a medical professional and hence one needs to make sure they’re undergoing the surgery with safe hands.

Although this operation has minimal complications; the following risk factors are-

After the procedure of minimally invasive cardiac surgery

  • In most cases, you'll spend a day or two in the intensive care unit (ICU). All the drugs and fluids are given to the Intravenous (IV) lines.

  • Other tubes may drain urine from your bladder as well as fluid and blood from your chest during operation.

  • Oxygen can be administered by a face mask or nasal prongs.

  • Following your stay in the ICU, you may be transferred to a regular hospital room for a few days.

  • Your stay in the ICU and hospital may be determined by your medical condition and procedure.

Our treatment team will also

  • Keep an eye on your health and look for symptoms of infection in incision areas.

  • Keep an eye on your blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate.

  • Keep a check on your vitals.

  • Deal with the pain post-surgery.

  • Get up and walk with you to gradually increase your activity level.

  • Show you how to perform deep breathing exercises to cough to keep your lungs clear.

Why Choose Dr.Muthus Hospitals

All the treatments given at Dr.Muthus Hospitals are standardized and of high quality. We are known worldwide for our reputation treatments and diagnosis. During your recuperation, our doctors at Dr.Muthus Hospitals may give you advice on how to look for indications of infection, care for your incisions, take medications, and manage discomfort. When you’re ready, the doctor may inform you when to resume normal activities like working, driving, and exercising.

Cardiology at Dr.Muthus Hospitals is known for its excellent patient care and state-of-the-art technology. There are a lot of potential benefits of invasive cardiac surgery over open-heart surgery. If the procedure is performed with professional hands it can be a patient’s life savior. Our comprehensive team of experts work dedicatedly towards making the best possible surgery for the people.


  • Aortic stenosis symptoms can be relieved.
  • Quality of life can be improved with minimally invasive cardiac surgery in Coimbatore.
  • To keep track of your heart condition, see the doctor frequently.
  • Your heart’s health may be assessed through tests.
  • The doctor may also advise you to live a heart-healthy lifestyle, which includes eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, managing stress, and not smoking.
  • A tailored programme of education and exercise to promote health after heart surgery is sometimes recommended (cardiac rehabilitation).

The minimally invasive cardiac surgery in Coimbatore possesses the same threats and risks as the open-heart heart. The following are the risks-

  • Bleeding
  • Stroke
  • Infection
  • Irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias)
  • Death

It’s also possible that minimally invasive cardiac surgery may need to be modified to open-heart surgery if the surgeon believes the technique isn’t safe to continue.

The team at Dr.Muthus Hospitals can ask you to bring the following items for the minimally invasive cardiac surgery in Coimbatore-

  • Medicines you take
  • Eyeglasses, hearing aids or dentures
  • Personal care items like a brush, comb, shaving equipment and toothbrush
  • Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing
  • Advance directive copy
  • Items to relax like a portable music player or books

One should avoid the following items during Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery In Coimbatore-

  • Jewelry
  • Eyeglasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Dentures
  • Nail polish
  • Medications you’ve brought with you to the hospital, and when you should take them on the day of the operation.
  • Allergies or adverse drug responses you’ve had in the past.
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