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Best Childrens & Paediatric Hospital in Coimbatore

Dr.Muthus Hospitals is one of the best paediatric hospitals in Coimbatore with a comprehensive approach towards treating children of all ages from neonates to adolescents. The department of paediatrics comprises of many subspecialities including paediatric oncology, paediatric neurology, paediatric orthopaedics, paediatric endocrinology, kidney transplants, paediatric surgery and urology, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and paediatric gastroenterology and liver diseases.

Dr.Muthus Hospitals in Coimbatore provides best paediatric care services and are the trusted partners for your child’s health. We aim to put ourselves in parents’ shoes to endeavour primarily on a child’s health. Our doctors are known as the best paediatricians in Coimbatore with extensive knowledge and experience. We want the best holistic development of your child at physical, emotional and social levels.

The department has performed many complex procedures and surgeries successfully with excellent outcomes. Common conditions that are frequently treated are allergies, dyslexia, asthma, seizures, cerebral palsy, and congenital heart defects such as Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) and atrial septal defect (ASD) etc.


Advanced NICU and PICU

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery

Cardiology (Open Heart Bypass Surgery)

Paediatric Cardiology

Paediatric ENT

Gynaecology (Uterine Fibroids)

Paediatric Gastroenterology

Cardiology (Open Heart Bypass Surgery)

Paediatric Liver Transplant

Paediatric Nephrology

Paediatric Neurology

Paediatric Neurosurgery

Paediatric Oncology

Paediatric Pulmonology

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