Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Best Physiotherapist In Coimbatore in the leading physiotherapy hospital

At Dr.Muthus Hospitals, the Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation is focused on restoring function for a patient who has been disabled as a result of a disease, disorder, or injury. Catering to the needs of all age groups, we put into practice well-planned rehabilitation procedures that are designed to reverse potential impairments associated with various conditions like fractures, stroke, disc herniation, cervical and lumbar spondylitis and many other function and movement related challenges.

Our team comprising some of the best physiotherapists in Coimbatore adopts a holistic approach to ensure proper physical function and activity in individuals through personalized treatment programmes. Widely recognized as the best physiotherapy centre in Coimbatore, the department’s wide scope of activities includes:

  • Restoration of mobility, maintenance of physical activity, and enhancement of all-round health and wellbeing

  • Prevention of disease, injury, or disability

  • Reduction or elimination of pain through therapeutic exercises

  • Rejuvenation of weakened parts of the body after a stroke

  • Management of pain due to arthritis, osteoporosis, or joint replacements.

  • Strength building and breathing exercises for cardio-respiratory rehabilitation.

  • Specialized treatment to manage sports injuries, pelvic pain, incontinence, fibromyalgia, and lymphedema

Our team of physiotherapists is also fully geared to provide post-surgical rehabilitation, enabling our patients to return to their earlier level of physical ability while regaining their confidence and quality of life in the shortest possible time.

Dr.Muthus Hospitals has built-up a reputation as the best physiotherapy facility in Coimbatore by providing patients with the most advanced physical therapy modalities and equipment, including traction, ultrasound, interferential therapy (IFT), wax bath, electrical stimulator, heat therapy unit, continuous passive mobilization unit, and quadriceps strengthening chair.


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We recommend that you must first visit your general physician. A general physician can assess the extent of injuries and can recommend tests such as X-rays. Next, if the general physician asks to start physiotherapy, you can call us. At Dr.Muthus Hospitals, you can book an appointment with our physiotherapist. On the day of the appointment, our physiotherapist will take your medical history and will offer unique help to recover quickly.

During the initial assessment, our physiotherapist will ask questions related to the medical history of the injuries for which the person is seeking treatment. Our therapist will do a thorough physical examination and our therapist will also explain the patient assessment findings and treatment plan. Our therapist is always ready to answer the questions asked by the patient. Regular follow up sessions will focus on providing treatment which can include the use of state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Our therapist also provides education regarding injury and treatment plans.

People recovering from a major surgery or injury require physiotherapy. People come to us to relieve the pain and restore their mobility and strength. People visit us for several reasons such as if they suffer from muscle spasms, muscle strains, or an intense injury. Our physiotherapists are trained enough to handle and manage pain and make the patient feel better. We have a well-equipped physiotherapy centre at Dr.Muthus Hospitals where our physiotherapists work with other team members to reduce the pain and suffering of the patients.

At Dr.Muthus Hospitals, our physiotherapists are trained and experienced to treat all kinds of problems related to the bones and muscles. Various conditions treated by our physiotherapists include:

  • Sprains and strains that need immediate care to reduce swelling, pain, and tenderness
  • Increasing muscle strength after injuries, surgery or fracture.
  • Neurological problems such as head injuries, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, etc
  • Chronic headaches
  • Vehicle injuries
  • Post work injuries

The physiotherapists at Dr.Muthus Hospitals design treatment plans and exercises that help patients to get moving and perform to the best of their ability. Our physiotherapists diagnose the condition and the main cause of pain. This helps in making a unique treatment plan that works towards eliminating the problem as quickly as possible so that the person can go back to living a long and healthy life without any distress.

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